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Top Fine Dining Restaurants in India

There’s always a tough competition between popular restaurants. It’s hard to choice to the best amongst the lot because good food is not the only parameter. There’s service, ambiance and vibe – all of them need to be taken into consideration for a great experience. Therefore, TripAdvisor left it upto their users to decide the best fine dining restaurants in India.

There are good restaurants, and then there are great ones. The good ones offer a pleasing experience and a tasty meal. However, just once in a while, you come across a restaurant which blows you away. You may not go there often, the last time you visited may be months back, but you will always end up raving about it to others in conversations about food.

In a country like India where we love our food and restauranteurs keep upping the game in the culinary arena, it is difficult to come up with a ranking of best restaurants. However, as they say – ‘Consumer is king’. The diner is the best critic and an amalgamation of these diner based reviews weeds out biases.

1. Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian Accent is pure magic and we can never get enough of it. Arguably one of the only 2 restaurants in India that come close to international standards of Progressive Indian food, Indian Accent is in a league of its own. The centrepiece of a quiet boutique hotel in South Delhi, The Manor, it doesn’t attract walk ins due to its location. However, its popularity crosses borders and reservations are highly recommended if you would like to experience a meal here. The food celebrates regional dishes from across the country and presents them in unique ways, playing with flavour combinations and textures.

2. Peshawri, Mumbai

It comes a bit of a surprise that Peshawri beat Bukhara in this list as it is popularly known as Mumbai’s Bukhara. The detailing is where the restaurant scores. The menu is printed on wooden blocks, the crockery is earthy and the décor reminiscent of the rugged northwest frontier. Diners do find the wooden stools a tad uncomfortable for languid meals though.

3. Villa Maya, Trivandrum

One look at this place and you will want to book the next flight over. Villa Maya is something that dreams are made of. Set in a painstakingly restored 18th century Dutch manor, the ambience speaks of timeless elegance. A variety of dining spaces are spread all over the bungalow, spilling into the picture perfect courtyard. The food however, is as contemporary as the ambience in nostalgic. The menu pays homage to countries that were involved in spice trade with Kerala like Morocco and Italy.

4. Bukhara, New Delhi

The name is iconic and it is doubtful that any foodie in the country would not have heard of this restaurant. The more popular cousin of Dum Pukht which sits in the same hotel as Bukhara, a meal at Bukhara is all about the experience. One does not feel like you are out only for a meal, you are treated like a king and for just a little while, this is your kingdom.

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