Koramangala is one of the top plcaes in Bangalore and has given us its fair share of gems. There are all sorts of restaurants in this area that are committed to their mission to give customers a memorable gastronomical experience. A few of them have even emerged victorious! From expensive dining options to simple South Indian joints, here are some of the best restaurants koramangala can offer,


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It is very easy to see why Truffles is always packed with people — they offer quality food especially at pocket friendly prices. The service is extremely good. People visit this place for their delicious burgers like classic Cheese Burger, the Peri Peri Chicken Burger and the Lamb Burger. Their main course includes the  famous Chicken Diane ( basically a fillet wrapped with minced chicken), the Classic Chicken Steak and the Chicken Cordon Bleu, and  many more. Truffles is one of the best restaurants koramangala crowd has ever seen

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill was started off by a famous restaurateur, Jiggs Karla. Even though it is now a franchise it still has the hearty flavours of Punjabi cuisine. One can begin their meals here with the lip smacking shorbas before turning their attention to the kebab section. Punjab Grill offers everything from their Kakori Seekh Kebab (which is basically minced mutton that is skewered and grilled) to their Murgh Malai Tikka. Their famous Dahi Kebab is everybody’s favourite. The main section is filled with classics like Murgh Lababdar, Sarson Da Saag and ‘Nalli’ Gosht that pairs splendidly with the Indian breads and biryanis.

Meghana Foods

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They may have their branches everywhere in the city, but Meghana Foods hit the headlines when it was launched in Koramangala. They are famous for their Andhra cuisines and customers can never get over their Chicken Boneless Biryani and Meghana Special Biryani. You can also eat it with Chilly Chicken and Meghana Chicken 555.

Another name that comes under the best restaurants koramangala is the China Pearl. It has been doing a great business for a couple of decades. They have captured people’s attention with their Chinese cuisines. Make sure that you visit this place with a big appetite. One must try their Chicken Kim Fa Soup ( basically a thick broth with chicken cubes in it) and the crunchy ‘Lat Kay Fa’. The Chilli Garlic Noodles and the Malaysian Noodles make a delightful main course options.